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  • Moonstone Bracelet

    Natural moonstone paired with a 14k gold-filled beaded bracelet.

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  • Turquoise stone set in sterling silver. Handcrafted
  • Hey it's Kelli,

    Let me tell you how this thing started. I began krabbe.shack with beaded bracelets in the corner of my living room on a baking sheet with some beads and stretchy string. I was, and still am, a stay at home mama. I wanted something of my own to maybe contribute when and if I could to the household. It was important for me to be able to stay available for my girls though. After roughtly 6 years I'm still making beaded bracelets, along with many other creations, and I'm able to be very present with my girls.

  • How it's going

    I am so fortunate to be able to explore all sorts of avenues in the makers realm. I still make beaded bracelets on a regular basis buuut I make also:

    • hand stamp metal cuffs
    • silversmith- rings, earrings, braclets, necklaces
    • create and design TONS of earrings
    • work with leather and various types of cording on a regular basis
    • designing and creating all sorts of goodies on my laser
    • most recently my husband surprised me with a Cricut! So now I design and create with that as well.

    To sum it up, I really did become a jack of all trades, which fits me. It keeps my mind very active as I have a tendency to become restless. I make A LOT of custom items & I'm always willing to try something new. If you have something in mind and want someone to help you execute it I may be the one that can do that!